Plastic film forming method

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Plastic film forming method
Plastic film has a variety of molding methods, mainly extrusion molding (including extrusion blown film, extrusion cast film method, extrusion composite film method), solution casting, calendering and overmolding Composite membrane method, mechanical processing method, and the like.
Film extrusion
The extrusion molding of a film is a film forming method in which an extruder is used as a main molding device. It includes an extrusion blown film method, an extrusion cast film method, an extrusion composite film method, and the like. The extrusion blown film method is further classified into a flat blow method, an upper blow method, a down blow method, and the like depending on the bubble inflation and the cooling method. The upper blown extrusion blown film is the most commonly used method for plastic film forming; the lower blown extrusion blown film is the easiest production method for high transparent plastic film. The extrusion blown film method can produce single-layer and multi-layer films. If the process of inflating the bubble twice is used, the extrusion blown film method can produce a biaxially stretched film and a heat shrinkable film. The film produced by the extrusion blown film method is in the form of a simple or sheet-like film. Commonly used extrusion blown film production of plastic materials, such as LDPE, HDPE, LDPE, P, EVA, PVC, PA, BS, PVDC.
Extrusion cast film method, also known as flat film method or "T"" film method, is mainly used to produce single or multi-layer sheet film. Extrusion cast film can be processed by subsequent stretching process. Stretching and biaxially stretching film, breathable impervious film, heat shrinkable film, is the fastest growing film forming technology in recent years. The plastic material for film production is mainly produced by extrusion casting film method, mainly LDPE, LDPE, EVA , PP, PET, PA, etc.
The extrusion composite film method directly coats the extruded hot-melt film on a continuously conveyed sheet or film material such as paper, fabric, and plastic film, and is cooled and pressurized to form a composite film. The extruded composite film does not use a solvent, which extrudes the hot melt and the substrate, and can be two different materials. Plastic materials for the production of composite films by extrusion-composite method mainly include FE, PA, PET, EVA, ENOH, EM ion-type polymers.


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