Aerated packaging material and ultra-microporous plastic film

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Aerated packaging material and ultra-microporous plastic film
Originally, the desiccant silica gel, activated carbon or dried CaCl2 used for dry food packaging was packaged in a large plastic packaging bag with a bag of foamed PE/paper composite material. Since both foamed PE and paper have a high degree of venting and moisture permeability, a small amount of moisture present in the space of the packaged dry food in the plastic bag can pass through the porous PE and paper into the desiccant, which is absorbed by the desiccant and made in the package. Dry foods always maintain low activity moisture and serve as a good food protection.
For example, the bag for deoxidizing the oxygen scavenging package is also made of a ventilating packaging material, except that a small amount of O 2 gas in the O2 packaging bag can enter the oxygen scavenger through the ventilating packaging film, and is deoxidized. The agent absorbed and chemically reacted, but the composite material of the above porous PE/paper was found in August 1975. The composite bag was inferior in strength and easily broken, and the desiccant and the oxygen scavenger contained in the bag after the damage were contaminated with the food. Caused some customers to suffer from blind eyes after eating. Therefore, the Japanese Desiccant Association (NSKK) survey showed that for paper / PE (porous), paper / cloth / porous PE, non-woven / EVA or paper / no
Materials such as woven/porous PE should be changed to improve the reliability and safety of packaging desiccants, oxygen scavengers, preservatives and other chemicals, and to meet the increasing demand for such packaging. The development of strong venting and moisture-passing packaging materials is driven by market demand.
Typical examples of the ventilating packaging materials are PE, PP and EVA films of the "アナポリ" brand name produced by Nippon Shinkansen Co., Ltd. This film has pores of 0.1 to 3.0 mm diameter per m2, up to 3 million. A composite or single layer film of such a microporous film with other materials is used as the air permeable packaging material.
In general, such microporous plastic films can be produced by methods such as chemical, mechanical, physical, and electrical methods.
Patents on this aspect have appeared in large numbers.


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