Film calendering

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Film calendering
The raw and auxiliary materials required for calendering of the film are mixed and masticated at a constant temperature and pressure, and then a calender consisting of two or more rotating rolls of opposite directions is introduced, and the melt is discharged from the roll. The slit is extruded into a continuous film or sheet of a predetermined size, which is called calendering. The thickness of the calendered film is determined by the roll gap and the subsequent draw ratio.
Calendered film, including soft PVC calendered film, hard PVC calendered film (sheet), polyethylene
The sheet for the cermet calcium-plastic corrugated box (the sheet for the top layer, the corrugated sheet) may also include a calendered composite material such as a plastic floor leather, a plastic wallpaper, an artificial leather or the like.
There are many production equipments and production processes used for film calendering. This book only briefly introduces the production technology of soft PVC calendered film.
Film calendering characteristics
Calendering of a film generally can include three parts: preparation and mixing of raw and auxiliary materials, calendering into
Type, subsequent processing of rolling, etc.
(1) Preparation of raw and auxiliary materials and acceptance of raw and auxiliary materials, resin screening, powder refining, and materials
Metering, high-speed (hot) mixing, cold agitation, mixing, feeding to a calender.
(2) Calendering, rolling, drawing, cooling, cutting, coiling, and the like.
(3) Calendering subsequent processing of embossing, printing, and expanding (stretching tenter).
The post-calendering item is determined by the use (or function) of the film, the film is rolled and subsequently
It is the same as the continuous film calendering and extrusion molding on the same production line, which has the following characteristics:
1) The film quality is stable, the thickness is uniform, and the deviation is small;
2) The degree of automation of the molding equipment is high, and the linkage operation of the production line can be realized;
3) The film has high line speed, large processing capacity and high output;
4) It is especially suitable for the molding process of heat sensitive plastics (such as polyvinyl chloride) film;
5) The width of the film is limited by the width of the calender roll (generally up to 4 m), even if the film is stretched and stretched, its maximum width is about 6 m;
6) Many calendering processes, long production lines, large equipment and high investment cost
The requirements for repairs are also high, which limits production development.


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